Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Getting out of my summertime funk.

So it's been fun and all. This summer has been quite alright and I've already achieved most of the goals that I made for myself. The plan for the fall will be to get out of my summertime lull. Hum... let me take a little time and write out a five point plan:

• Keep exercising and eating healthy foods.
• Subscribe to one entertainment publication (not a design or news magazine).
• Get out of the downtown SF area for at least one day every two weeks.
• Give more cash to charity.
• Approach people for light conversation in work, school, gallery, museum, hallway and other social settings.

Hopefully this will get things back on track. Change is always welcome and I'm really hoping to connect with more people. I'm looking forward to finding my social group in the Bay Area. "You haven't found it yet?", you may say. Well, I'm picky. If the past is any hint toward the future it is showing that my friends just as picky as me.


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