Sunday, June 25, 2006

Moonless evening

Did some yoga and ran for a long distance ta-day. Using my chill time to back up the countless CDR's of my work onto DVD-R's for better storage. Had a couple of uplifting/fun encounters lately. What could drag a fella like me down then? The moon is gone. Zilch moon. I'm totally looking forward to July 10-11 when my cosmic lover and personal motivator drifts back onto the skyline.

Besides the separation anxiety from the missing cheese-based satellite, I'm enjoying my online art history class. Work has been steady and Vegas was rockin' (though a bit of a dent on the pocketbook).

Lots of love going on. Oh, and there is an AIDS Walk that will be on July 16th. Also planning to check out the Matthew Barney show at the SFMOMA soon. His earlier DVD's are sick! If ya' don't know now ya' know.


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