Sunday, May 28, 2006

Here comes June!!!

The Spring semester of grad school has ended and thank God that is has! This semester the Academy worked me so hard that my hands are still shaking a week later. Working as a full time designer and being a full time student is just a little too much design.

Next semester I plan to cut back to one class. That way I can focus a little more on important things like finding a good girl and relaxing (at least once a week). By no means am I giving up on my MFA. I'm just beginning to see the difference between student work and design in the real world.

So with June around the corner, I'm collecting what is left of my positive attitude and banking on faith, hope, and love (a clique and a good one at that). Life is too fast to lose all these fun years to 16 hours of computer time per day. It took working myself until I developed the shakes to figure that one out! Ouch :)

June is my birthday month! GIVE ME SOME LOVE!


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