Monday, May 01, 2006

A few things

There is quite a little going on this month. Work is going strong and the creative team at Hotwire is pumping out some of our best work yet. Finishing up this semester at the Academy of Art is a project intensive experience as always. In one of my classes we are creating a large group presentation based around the concepts of power and connectivity.

This Saturday a cute artist girl and I checked out the opening of the Finch Mob gallery at Oak and Broderick Street. The gallery was a three bedroom apartment FILLED with diverse art from many contributors. I enjoyed the opening and expect some exciting new talent to come out of that artist collective.

A girl on the floor of my building is creating a neighborhood zine for the Tenderloin/Lower Nob area. Lots of names are being thrown around right now (T.L. Quarterly, Loin Quarterly, Tenderloin Heights). Not sure what the name of the publication will be, but it will be available in many local bars and businesses. I'll be submitting some design work and hope that it can be featured in the first issue.

Lastly, I'm hoping to get down to L.A. over Memorial Day weekend and take more pics for randomLA.


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