Thursday, February 23, 2006

What's going on

Things are getting hectic with work and school again. My dishes and laundry are piling up as they are lower than design work is on my priority list. My classmate Stefan and I went down to Los Angelas last weekend. I've got tons of pictures of that, the anti-valentines day party, and some school work. One of these days they will be posted. Running very short on free time.

My buddy Doane is getting married back in Kansas in May. The first of my good friends to get married. It will be fun to go back for that. I'm still involved in Community Karma events and also have been volunteering with Hotwire co-workers. We went down to the Glide church and fed homeless people a couple of weeks ago.

Planning on making a randomLA site after that it is randomNYC. Okay I gotta go buy some ink cartridges and a salad. Whew.


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