Friday, January 13, 2006

Doing my thing today

Yep, today just doing my thing. Going to work soon. Later tonight there is an art opening down by 16th and Mission. Gonna check it out with a buddy then get some food/drink. I am starting to get the travel bug from working at Seriously, it's making me want to take like three trips this year.

Planning on going to Las Vegas for the How Design Conference in June. Want to go to Hawaii over the summer. Probably just Maui for about four days. Then I gotta keep watching American Airlines' weekend discount fares and make it over to New York City a few times. I'd like to start working on Who the f' knows if I can afford all this travel. I'll figure that out from my tax return.

Bought Ghostbusters on DVD last night. Watched Bottle Rocket for the first time. Yeah, things are going well for now. Thank the holy Lord almighty. Watch out 27 you've got a rock-star on his way. Ready to burn-out or shine on. Oh-huh? :P <---- does this really look like a person with their tougue sticking out to anyone? Maybe like this ---> :-P no that just sucks.


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