Sunday, December 18, 2005

One for the price of two

So, I'm getting tired of being a loner. Much of the time feel safest by myself. True. It would be fun to branch out. That is why the "One for the price of two" plan will now be implemented. From now on when planning a vacation I will plan it for two. When going to a show I will order tickets for two. The same goes for other recreational activities.

As you can imagine, this plan will run the chance of not finding others to fill that second slot. In time, this should (according to the hopeful mind of mine) become something that keeps me from doing things alone so much. The cosmos should balance everything and find a someone to fill that seat next to me. Sane people may scoff at this plan. I say scoff away! May the doubters be stunned. Person number two, you don't know your role yet. Trust that it will be a nice surprise. You are everything that is wonderful {:-)


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