Thursday, December 29, 2005

MotherF'ers be rippin' me off

Time to rant about how all these motherf'ers keep rippin me off. Today it's the damn nasty cell phone company. Last week it was an online retail site. Then before that my old boss shorts me on my final paycheck. It just keeps happening. Gotta fight the battles that I can. Always gotta stand up and at least tell them to stop takin' my shit.

Anyway, I'm in Kansas now hanging out with some cool people in KC. Listening to Dr. Dre's the Chronic album. Driving round a rental car. Gonna drop in on my busters in Manhattan, KS for the New Year. Just cuz everybody be rippin' me off, don't mean I'm gonna stop. No body can keep me down at this point. Been though to much shit to back down from a bunch of money grabbin' punks. Dumb punks :)


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