Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas is gonna be cool this year

Deck the halls. It's time to have a wonderful Christmas! Oh boy, I can't wait! Got some lights on my window, candy canes, a picture of a tree on my desk top... Oh boy! What is it like 21 days from now? Yap, probably gone start shopping soon. Wonder where I'll go on Christmas? Maybe I'll go up to a local pub. I'll probably get coffee that day. Just take it easy. Whatever happens it will be bucking fun. Maybe a Santa hat is in order. Could go to the beach. It would be kind of cool to go to the east bay. Been stuck in SF for a while. Oh! I bet there will be come cool theatre plays on Christmas! Gone search around today and see if there is anything for less than $100 per ticket. Yeah, maybe around $50 would be do-able. I'd want to go to a nice one on Christmas! Maybe even put some marshmallows in my hot chocolate! Oh boy!

Here is what that comp ended up like for my book. I'm gone make another comp of it this week, then the final one in a couple of weeks.





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