Saturday, November 12, 2005

What's been up

Okay, besides working like crazy. There are a few things that have been going on. There was a Community Karma event for the Home Away from Homeless project. It was the kind of thing where we set up a bunch of tables, had food and got people to donate the the cause. There was art for sale by this guy name Oliver.

I helped out with parking, as that is something I've done in the past. Parking for large events can sometimes be tough. This one was no sweat though. Drivers in SF are used to having to fight for spots. The main purpose of my team was to direct people to the location of the event. The taxis were cool because they were in and out of there so fast. A woman named Cecilia set everything up. It went off without a hitch.

Been singing Green Day to myself way to much lately. Time to switch songs around. Those guys had a great year and are creating honest music as usuall. Don't wanna get burned out on it.

I'm reading Margaret Cho's new book and the new Harry Potter. Oh yeah, and I bought a black coffee that cost $2.50 on November 9th. With tax it cost $2.71. Oh yeah, I did laundry this morning. Oh and a haircut that a person said made me look like i was running for office.


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