Sunday, November 20, 2005

Things are looking up

Good fortune has been happening to me lately. This weekend I am sick with the flu, but besides that things have been going well. Last weekend was my first time visiting the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. It was amazing and the displays from primitive tribes existing in Oceania were my favorite. The only thing that was a little thin were the descriptions next to the artwork. Very few panels were specific or in-depth with their supporting notations. The visuals were completely mind blowing.

I've been offered a full-time position doing Web Design at It was good enough that I accepted it and will be starting in January. Until then I'll be working there as a contractor. It is nice because I can walk to work. You can't beat something like that! It is going to mean that I'll have to cut down on freelance projects. I am going to continue my graduate studies at the Academy of Art University, also. Now if I could just find a few hobbies to balance out the amount of work I've been fortunate enough to find.


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