Sunday, November 27, 2005

Harry Potter has friends.

Harry Potter hangs out with a group of friends,right? He's got people to watch his back and shoot the shit with in the wizard mess hall. I want that! I may not have any wizarding skills, but why can't I find a single person to go see this new Harry Potter movie with me? Honestly, I thought I knew people and had a nice little circle of friends. Well apparently they have moved on or don't enjoy cinema. Where are my peeps? Boo, fucking-hoo!

Anyway, today I'm gonna check out this Goblet of Fire movie. I'll be sitting in the back trying not to look like that-creepy-guy. You people don't wanna hang out with me? Well it really is too bad. Time to go out and find more cool folks. Oh, I'll keep coming around and visiting those old acquaintances of mine. Maybe we can smooth things out. Just better hope I don't learn any hexes.

Just playing. I know my buddies have their own lives. I'll tell ya'll about the movie next week.


Anonymous jacobe said...

so seriously... I was told you were going... and I want to see HP as well...

I was to call you... but all this damned homework got me down...

plus... you never called me! ASS!

how's that!

so if you haven't gone yet... let me know, and we'll have a date!

9:11 AM  
Blogger tdubb said...

dude, I wanted to go to the movie with somebody, but you gotta stop making it into a date.

you gotta chillz see?

yeah, I stone-wall people and don't call them. it's kind of my thing, you know? sorry.

there are some bars I wanna check out around town, if this design ever stops piling up. you'll make a good wing man if we team up.

9:07 PM  

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