Friday, October 14, 2005

The Matter of Kansas

Designer Paul Frank said it all with this t-shirt. I thought I would write a word about my home state (who's U.S. Quarter has recently been released, by the way). It can be exhausting countering the amount of negative remarks I've heard from non-Kansas residents in the past year. Please at least read the Intro to "What's the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America" by Thomas Frank before you ask me what the matter is. I read that book and it is right on. The intent of the book is not for the entire left wing to focus it's frustration on a scape goat state.

North Central Kansas born and raised, I definitely have a few issues with the state. People need to realize that it is a different way of living in Middle America. Kansas doesn't deserve the harsh criticism it has received. Please reserve that criticism for the current Federal Government. There are some good people in Kansas and some fucked-up people there also. There ARE liberals who live in Kansas they just don’t run the state. The music scene in Kansas is always evolving and independent of the mainstream. The Metal music there is the most brutal, intricate thrash outside of Texas. Small-town people throw good-ole Natty Light keggers in pastures and barns. Oh yeah, and K-State Wildcat football still demands respect. Did I mention the amount of firearms and heavy diesel-fueled machinery? NCK4Life


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