Sunday, September 18, 2005

Playing Ketchup

I just finished a contract job for Filter and will have a little down time. This means it is time for more blogging! Next week is going to be great for tying up loose ends and doing a few pro-bono jobs that have been on the back burner.

lenses of perception

Here is an image that I made into a poster for my Visual Communications class at the Academy last week. I did a series of collages that reflect my inner being and the effect that the outside world has upon me. This class is interesting for me, because I have been on a path much like it's curriculum for some time.

sagmeister poster
This poster is influenced by S. Sagmeister's AIGA poster involving coffee mugs in the shape of an award. I believe that it is his design (done a few years ago) that is responsible for the current trend explored by Ford and Nicholas Cage's new advertisements. This trend in design is taking small objects and building a large object from them (ie: a bunch of Ford escorts that take the shape of a flower).


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