Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sick/Well Chicago

I said "screw it" and put a pair of damp socks on Thursday. My payment for this foolishness was a nasty little cold that followed me to Chicago. So I have spent the last couple of days in my hostel in bed. Today I am feeling better and starting to explore the city. Chicago is so kick ass. This is the city I will end up in.

I'm wondering if I talk to people enough. Probably not. Eh, I'll converse when needed. There is nothing more annoying then loud people who talk a bunch, you know? Today I was sitting in the park and this freakin' lady stands right beside me and starts making this churping noise with her mouth. It was a LOUD churping noise. She then proceeded to attract twenty-some pigeons to my area. Errrrr, who do these middle-aged women pranksters think they are impressing? No one.


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