Friday, June 03, 2005

Sun is Shining

Alright, the sun is shining and things are going great. Went to a training session for Adobe CS Version 2 last night. It has a cool new prospective copy/paste feature in Photoshop. The five packaged programs allow each other to link layered files now (sweet!).

Totally freaked out by Adobe owning Macromedia. Adobe Go Live makes such bland, square, "template" looking sites. It would be sad if Dreamweaver went away. Well if you can't build a site in Notepad or Textedit you have no business in this profession anyway. On that note I am learning PHP because it seems like all the 16-year-olds have mastered it.
It is a good day to be living in the Bay Area. The weather is t.i.g.h.t. Even if all my money goes to street-beggars and a mouse-infested rental apt. At least I can kick-ass in In Design, find 20 new postings for freelance jobs per day, and get fit walking everywhere. SF you are beginning to grow on me. Awe...


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