Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Graphic Design is like haircuts.

Graphic design and haircuts have a lot in common. Consider this:

Point #1 - Everybody has an Aunt, Sister, Cousin, Dad, or best buddy who will cut their hair for free... The same holds true for free design. Of course the resulting haircut/design stands the chance of being good, medium, or a hack-job. With free haircuts/design you take a gamble with the outcome.

Point #2 - There are designers who need work and are willing to undercut the rest of the industry. This is quite similar to $9 Haircut Shops. Design/haircuts like these are great for customers that are strapped for cash. Walk-ins are always welcome, but remember you get what you pay for.

Point #3 - If you need a really good haircut you can go to a nice salon, get special treatment and the most modern cut in town. The same is true for really good design. Haircuts/designs like these are not cheap, but the results are generally of high-quality. Definately the right choice if you have a important formal to attend or a business that isn't planning on going away in the next five years.


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