Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New Theories

Just a couple of random thoughts on the work world and the design industry:

On the work world: All of the people my age and younger have been conditioned by video games, allowing us to withstand massive amounts of computer time. I wonder if it was planned... Has the corporate world created worker bees to man their workstations for less than modest wages? The main reason I can work all day and stay up all night at a computer is King's Quest. Was Sierra (the company that produced the King's Quest computer game series) training us to be slaves to the corporate monster?

On the design industry: Established design professionals, effected by and scared by a troubled market, have been putting all of the younger design professionals into production roles. I can see two reasons for this. First, established designers are attempting to curb a flooded amount of talent and therefore make their jobs more secure. Second, much of the older generation of graphic designers never made the leap to the computer and need younger people to actually produce their ideas.

The new generation of graphic designers are much more computer savy and understand that the computer has moved from being "a" design tool to being "the" design tool. Expections of short turnaround times have become outrageous due to the efficiency of the computer. Has this effected the quality of work? That can only be left to opinion.


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