Saturday, October 28, 2017

Jack O Lantern Line-up

Happy Halloweekend from the Dubberts

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Soundgarden Karaoke Night

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

End of Summer

It has been a nice long Summer with daily rain helping keep Colorado green. I have been busy working on our yard improvements. Spending time swimming with our kids and walking our dog. These last few monthes I have been starting out at a second job with the Broadmoor Hotel. Coming up my hope is to land at a company in Colorado Springs. Still avoiding a fulltime commute to Denver though I can work a couples of days per week up there. I had a great BBQ last weekend with a few good friends to celebrate Summer coming to a close.

Monday, July 10, 2017

2016 Retrospective PDF

Here's a quick link to download my 2016 retrospective pdf presentation. It is all selected work created last year. Keeping this link on the Portfolio page all year didn't make sense to me. The file may now be accessed through this blog before 2017 is completed. Please enjoy! Pass it around if you feel the need. Regards.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April Showers

April has turned out to be a big wobbly whirlwind of a month. More like it a whirlpool of suction from the universe into many different emerging paths. I have taken the opportunity to calm things by getting out of the Springs and exploring Colorado with my Father. Learning much about my relatives from which I came into the world. We've been having long talks unlike any we had when I was young. The beginning of this month was a blitz of overwhelming stress that left my brain slapped and battered. A breather out on the mountain sides was both welcome and requested.

April's f'd-up madness has been righting every wrong and exploring trail with May coming up fast. All the showers of crazy activity converging so that May will surely to spawn flowers. Thorns or not. New growth is inevitable. I am holding onto quality clients with both hands which are true creative allies. Unfortunately though necessarily, trimming the fat of more troublesome business partners at the same time. There are always two sides to every spinning coin.

As a side note, I have been selected for side work at a local 5-Diamond resort. An interesting new job that's description caught my eye due to it's obscurity. It is not related to art or marketing at all, so not worth going into great detail on this blog. I am very excited about this other road however and will use it to fund my family's creative pursuits.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Symes & Wright branding

I've recently completed the branding for Symes and Wright. A client in SF who is a collector of rare guns acquired the trademark for this luxury brand of shotguns produced in London. The new Symes and Wright mark accentuates the classic typography of it's product engraving. My friend created a website featuring the new branding and background about the company.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Family Zoo Day

Kids looking at otter swimming

Our Dubbert Family in the monkey house
Today we had a fun and easy Sunday on Cheyenne Mountain visiting the zoo animals!

Riding the carousel horses

Saturday, January 07, 2017

CES2017 Day 3

Crowded tech displays at the Consumer Electronics Show
Today at CES I explored 3 big areas of the show. The mood was calm at the Tech South, Aria Hotel displays. The Spotify team had an interactive booth demonstrating how music and emotion connect. There were a handful of cool ad placement firms with different approaches toward targeting and tracking digital brand placements. The company LogoGrab has technology similar to Facebook's face recognition software to track when brand's logos appear in social photos and video.

The first floor of the Sands Expo (pictured above) was fully saturated with crowds. This area housed hundreds of start-up brands. I met an innovative company named InMotion Albums who are creating a digital photo album, which also holds printed photography.

The second floor of the Sands had many robotics and fitness related wearables. I was impressed by the Martian Smartwatch. They retain the traditional analog styling of a classy watch, have text notifications and voice control functionality.

It was another inspiring day of talking shop with talented and ambitious tech industry professionals. Very much worth the trip out the Las Vegas this year. 

Friday, January 06, 2017

CES 2017 Day 2

Friday at CES has began to be what I was hoping for out of this trip. The conference is ramping up. Many of my friends were at the Monster booth. There were new audio products that Monsters were demoing. I did not get to speak with the Head Monster as he was busy talking business in a private meeting.

The Panasonic booth was fantastic with home automation and various tri-screen 4k tv displays. The best thing I experienced at Go Pro's booth was a cube that records 360 hi-def video. It contains 6 GoPro cameras.

I met a cool gaming company, making accessories for the classic NES system remake. Found a few colleagues who are now succeeding at new companies and met a handful of other tech folks from Colorado.

To sum up the rest... lots of smart automated cars, Gibson's latest guitars and 3D printed vehicles.

CES 2017 Day 1

Drone demo at PowerVision booth CES Las Vegas 2017

The first day of CES 2017 was a bit of a trial run. It's a massive event taking over most of the strip in Vegas. It did feel great to be around so many people in a vibrant city environment. 175,000 are projected to attend the conference this year! Yesterday, I made it to a number of booths and plan to see much more today. 

Pictured above is a portion of the PowerVision booth. Powervision is based out of San Mateo, CA and had impressive demo cages with their latest drones flying around. Their drones were quiet, level in flight and equipped with high-powered cameras.

In the Tech East, South Hallway portion of CES there were many drones. I tried out three different virtual reality headsets from: Smart Theater, Merge Virtual Reality and Freefly VR. Freefly VR being the most immersive video game experience, Merge the most fun & interactive games.

TiVo doesn't have a booth at CES. Just a locked meeting room. It is hard to tell who is still with the company after their recent merger with Rovi.

I enjoyed seeing the new Garmin wearables. They have classic men's watches which also track your fitness stats, but don't look like smart watches. The Garmin golf watches are my favorite of their products.

All of that in only an hour and a half of attending yesterday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Colorado Springs Business 1-Sheeter

Above are the front and back of a 1-sheet flyer I worked on, which promotes the Colorado Springs area to businesses.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Keeping Busy this Summer

It's beginning to heat up here in Colorado with lots of things keeping me busy. First of all many new projects are taking shape both professionally and personal.

My family and I have been enjoying weekend camping explorations. There are some crazy people you meet out on the mountain trails. Most people are friendly, though you get the occasional gun totting bullies on their high horses.

Client work has been filling my time between taking care of my kids and volunteering with the local Knights of Columbus council. It's a beautiful state. I'm continuing to find more cool and interesting people everyday.